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Weblogic Cluster on 2 hardware

Posted by cemetery on Jun 22, 2012 in Others

You must start Adminserver only in one machine, let’s say machine 1(M1)

So your steps will be:

In Hardware #1:
1. setup weblogic
2. create domain mydomain (var/weblogic/domains/mydomain)
3. start adminserver for this domain ( under mydomain directory)
4. log on on Adminconsole as domain administrator
5. create machine M1
6. create managed server MS1, e.g. will listen to
7. Add server MS1 to machine M1
8. create machine M2(this will be in a different hardware)
9. Create managed server MS2
10. Add MS2 to machine M2
11. Create cluster
12. Add MS1 & MS2 to cluster

All this is done using admin console from domain created in machine M1.

Then go to machine M2

in Hardware #2
5. setup weblogic
6. create domain mydomain in same directory structure(var/weblogic/domains/mydomain)
7. DO NOT start admin server in this hardware, all config is done using admin server from hardware 1.

Than.. with admin server already running only on M1

1. go to M1 and navigate to $DOMAIN_DIR/bin(var/weblogic/domains/mydomain/bin) and use to start server M1
2. go to M2 and navigate to $DOMAIN_DIR/bin and use to start server M2

It’s done..
Also consider editing to add the admin server url

Also you’ll need a proxy to load balance to your cluster so you can test it, you can use hardware, some httpserver like Apache, sun, IIS or even an weblogic server instance to do this job for you.

Later you should also consider using node manager in both machines to provide further control over your domain.

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